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My name is Jeremy Goes and I am originally from London and have been teaching
English professionally for over 20 years, working in Britain and Europe.
In those years, I have gained experience with teaching general, as well as Business
English, assisted students successfully to receive I.E.L.T.S (qualifications to get into
universities) and held trainings for new teachers.
Now I am fully focused on my main passion again, teaching Business English to
companies and / or individuals.
My teaching style is modern and student-focused.
I am a believer in keeping students highly motivated.
My lessons are well planned to the exact needs of my students, but I always leave
room for spontaneity and flexibility in order to meet the current needs of my learners.
For me, it is important to be encouraging towards weakness and striving for perfection
with their strengths.
Lessons are interactive and have a relaxed, friendly and inspiring atmosphere, which
is important to me – therefore there is no student and teacher wall or barrier.
A variety of styles are used to keep the students engaged; I identify where students
really need help and work from there, constantly monitoring their improvements.
Courses – Personal, personable and professional:
My main focus is to teach exactly what is required to suit the company or students at
hand, I put together courses that meet the very individual needs of my students
according to:
– group size (generally 2-14 students)
– level (A1-C2)
– number of lessons
– course type (long term or short term).
The students will interact as a unit moderated by myself.
With true focus on target language, clarification and production.
Topics can be chosen from a list that is available, as well as personal wishes that will
be met.
Due to the current situation, it is also possible to book all courses for online lessons
too. (lessons take place via Skype Video Calls).
Personal Offer:
To get your personal offer for the course that suits you best, please contact me via
phone or email.


Jeremy Goes
0680 2056688

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